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The purpose of this block is to adjust the relevant properties of the PageSetup object for the relevant worksheet as determined by the loop. The reason for this is that, as I show below, the macro literally just saves the active worksheet to a PDF file.

Excel VBA Save As PDF: Step-By-Step Guide And 10 Examples

Instead, the PDF is saved in the folder that you specify with the Filename argument. The PdfFilename variable is of the Variant data type. This range is from cells B5 to F However, as I explain above, you can use this same parameter for purposes of determining the full path of the converted PDF file. The following are 2 examples:. The folder is filtered, to show only the PDF files that it contains. In order to specify the type of file you want to convert the Excel file to, you use the xlFixedFormatType enumeration.

You can use this parameter to set the filename of the resulting PDF file. Remember that you can get immediate free access to the Excel workbook with all the macros explained above savw the PDF files accompanying this blog post by prf here. You have the option of choosing the quality of the resulting PDF file standard or minimum.

GetSaveAsFilename method in block 2 above. The main purpose of the ExportAsFixedFormat method is to export a particular Excel object such as a file, worksheet, cell range or chart to another file formatusually PDF. Follow us around the web: The following screenshot shows the Save As dialog box that is displayed by the GetSaveAsFilename method that uses the parameters above.

Use the properties of LeftHeaderPicture to set the attributes of the picture. As I explain when introducing the Worksheet. In both cases, the difference is in the use of the Worksheets collection and an index Worksheets iCounter to refer to the relevant worksheet.

Excel VBA Save As PDF: Step-By-Step Guide And 10 Code Examples To Export Excel To PDF

To specify whether the print areas should or shouldn’t be ignored, set the IgnorePrintAreas parameter to True or False as follows:. You specify the relevant file type by choosing the appropriate value from the XLFixedFormatType enumeration. As you can see, Visual Basic excep Applications provides significant flexibility in this regard. However, notice some of the effects of the additional parameters that I included in this second macro:.

Type is the only required parameter of the ExportAsFixedFormat method. You can also set OpenAfterPublish to False. Generally, you specify the rows to be repeated as a string using A1-style references. There are, however, 2 rows that differ from what appears in the previous examples:.

GetSaveAsFilename method in block 3 below. ExportAsFixedFormat method above, the reference to the method must be preceded by a variable representing a Worksheet object. The With statement allows you to execute a series of statements on pdc particular object ActiveSheet. You can use the Application. Zoom propertyyou can determine how Excel scales the relevant Excel worksheet for printing or, in this case, conversion to PDF.

At the same time, if the PageSetup. The last column which corresponds to Favorite Food Ingredient in the example above is missing.

Excel VBA – Save As PDF Files

In this particular example, I use a For… Next loop. Therefore, in this particular section, I only explain line-by-line the first section of the macro. PrintArea propertyyou can set the print area. This tutorial shows sample code for doing this.

There are many ways in which you can use other VBA constructs to create more complex and sophisticated macros to save Excel files as PDF. IncludeDocProperties can be set to either of the following 2 values:. In addition to the above, you’ve seen 10 different examples of VBA code that allow you to save Excel files as PDF using several different settings and parameters.

In this particular case, they have the same purpose as that which I explain above. Let’s start by taking a look at how you can solve the issue I mention above: If the condition isn’t met PdfFilename is Falsethe statements within the If… Then block aren’t executed. Then, if the file was created, the macro shows a confirmation message with the file path and name. Use the properties of RightFooterPicture to set the attributes of the picture.

After reading this Excel tutorial, you’re ready to start creating macros for purposes of saving Excel files as PDF. In fact, in this blog post, I go much further than simply showing you how to simply convert Excel files to PDF.

This Save As dialog box is displayed by the Application. As a general rule, you specify the zoom as a Variant value between 10 and percent.

The iCounter variable is used as a loop countera topic I explain further when covering the following rows. Overall, the explanations and examples in the sections above show most of what you need to know about the ExportAsFixedFormat VBA method. Among others, I also: Returns or sets the number of pages tall to which an Excel worksheet is scaled to when printed. Let’s start to tackle some of these problems by using the additional arguments of the ExportAsFixedFormat method:.

This allows the user of your VBA application to specify the full path and filename.