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Page 22 Using a drag-and-drop operation, move the video over to the StoryBoard view. When the Sound Blaster Live! Performing basic computer maintenance can also make a difference when working on your video project. With it, you can: If you do, you may choose to click the Continue Anyway button.

Page 8 Problems in Windows XP Click the stop button to end the recording, and burn your project to the DVD. Installation Steps Step 1: If you have a blank DVD in the drive, disc information appears in the window. For a complete listing of downloads, you can manually search our database. This is turn off Audigy 2 ZS preferable to using software video filters after capture to make color adjustments.

The instructions are applicable to all supported Windows operating systems. Planning Your DVD Project The process of planning the layout and content of your DVD, then capturing, editing, and formatting the audio and video media, is called authoring. Conventions The notepad icon indicates information that is of particular importance and should be considered before continuing.

Page 72 The choices available are 48 kHz and 96 kHz. Click to save your project and close Close MovieFactory.

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 User Manual

To blwster an individual analog source: As a workaround, use a 3rd party software media player to playback DVDs. Noise degrades digital video and requires more storage. Creative bears no responsibility for information or downloads obtained from them.

The television standards define a video signal that is broadcast serially as a set of Analog Television blastsr scan lines with a varying brightness luma and color chroma; Video Formats — originally not present in the black-and-white days. The site also includes information on making purchases, technical help, and the latest driver updates. With VideoStudio, you can apply a wide range of video edits and effects, as well as optimize the video files for quick transfers to your Zen Portable Media Center.

Close all other Windows applications. The more RAM and the faster the processor you have, the more responsive your Processor speed computer will be during the editing and rendering phases.

Read ahead to learn how to: The Create Video File dialog box appears. The product you have selected has been classified as ‘End of Service Donwload.


Got it, continue to print. Otherwise, click the Share button the last Step button. In practice, half-D1 resolution can help maintain visual quality in bitrates below 4 Mbps. Auidgy Of Contents Step 2: Audigy 2 ZS Video Editor. For flexibility, USB 2.

Creative Audigy 2 ZS User Manual

To appreciate this, imagine a compressed frame of video you have captured, upon which you would like to overlay a title. For more information and usage details on Creative Diagnostics, refer to its Help. You can set the Project Settings to control the operation of the renderer; you have control over many of the same parameters as during capture. Sound Blaster Audigy 2 card Do not force the audio card into the slot. About Monitoring You can connect a video monitor i.

Touch a metal plate on your computer to ground yourself and to discharge any computer static electricity, and then unplug the power cord from the wall outlet. Sound Blaster Audigy 2 card Installing Hardware For Windows and Windows XP: Troubleshooting And Faqs Troubleshooting and FAQs This appendix provides solutions to problems you may encounter during installation or normal use. This media type should be: Page 57 Troubleshooting and FAQs This section provides solutions to problems you may encounter during installation or normal use.

Creative Eax Console, Audio Effects: Device drivers not signed by Microsoft may be used in Windows XP, and need not impair or destabilize your computer. You may see the message when you install hardware drivers from companies other than Creative.

Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Zs Manual Pdf

Page 18 Click here or on any Number description in the table to return to the main diagram. When prompted to restart your computer, click the Blsater button. DVDs and movies pdg your computer. Creative Sound advanced features of your audio card. Dvd Format — the number of samples per second – controls the resolution of the digital audio. Improves 3D audio processing for host-based Sound Blaster audio devices. Page 14 Document The following typographical conventions are used throughout this manual: For more information and usage details on SoundFont Showcase, refer to its online Help.