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Hanson gives an overview of regions of the brain, what each controls, and how, paradoxically, as the brain creates the mind, the mind can control the brain. This is budshas practical, well-written guide that contributes to other scholarly works that are purging the ubddhas new-ageism that used to surround meditative practices.

It not only shows us effective ways to develop real happiness in our lives, but also explains physiologically how and why they work.

Dr. Rick Hanson: The Neuroscience of Lasting Happiness

Most of the time I can get rid of them with other tunes that tend to get stuck in my head. Haanson book will be helpful to anyone wanting to understand time-tested ways of skillful living backed up by up-to-date science. Buddha’s brain is a model of how to write a self-help book about meditation and science, presenting complex material with outstanding clarity and making it accessible, readable and digestible. Jan 07, Michele rated it liked it. The ideas are worthwhile, but I found the writing– especially the pacing– disengaging.

Buddha’s Brain Summary – Rick Hanson’s book | Download PDF

Let it be enough and let yourself just be in that moment. May 22, Cj rated it it was ok. As a non-Christian science nerd, this was geared towards ridk.

There are positives about this book, including the idea of the self and many detailed explanations on things regarding love and hate.

I’m planning on picking up a copy for the next time my stress gets out of control. May 12, Janet rated it did not like it Shelves: Buddha’s Brain is a quick read, but in this case, reading doesn’t mean much.

We come to more fully understand their power as they manifest through and out of us and emerge as new consciousness, new behaviors, a new way of being.

With the new breakthroughs in neuroscience, combined with insights from thousands of years of contemplative practice, you, too, can shape your bbrain brain for greater happiness, love, and wisdom. It is both relentlessly positive and ardently scientific.

What little I have learned from other meditation resources so far does indeed work. Because, if you can visualize something, your brain will react to it even if it is not true. For you, an ordinary hippocampus will do; not for the cab drivers.

This is a book that will literally change your brain and your life.

Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom

Though that is immediately useful for me, as useful are other exercises offered as a way of strengthening the beneficial neural networks the ones that help you relax, make good decisions, feel loving, feel safe dowload as using imagery, taking a deep breath, conscious relaxation, etc etc.

Rick Hanson is a master at taking complex concepts and both explaining them in easily understandable ways and providing useful methods to implement them immediately.

Did I get much out of this book? Why are we suffering? This book is very well organized about mindful practice. The authors also use research findings sparingly to emphasize major points, and draw from a broad arch of findings from both individual and systemic psychotherapy.

Tag the pages that are interesting to you. Mar 22, Nicholas Litterski rated it it was amazing.

You can train your body through your body. When I finally understood this, holy shit you guys, it was like taking a buddhss breath of air after being underwater for a bit too long. I found the scientific evidence presented to be thought provoking but limited and a little over simplistic and I do not know to what extent the research he pr I have to say that I was quite disappointed by this book. I balked when I was first learning how to be mindful.

Weekly Tips for Lasting Happiness: Delivered Straight to Your Inbox.

I learned so much from this book: Especially the thing that I like most is summary. There are no promises of material success, good health, love. Dec 14, thewestchestarian rated it liked it. If you want to learn about Buddha’s philosophy, this is not the book you wanna be reading. The brain and mind interact as a unified system, and intertwine with our immune, cardiovascular and endocrine systems.