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I hope you will keep posting this kind of tutorial in shell script, especially in advanced level. You can read the contents of file inside jar without extracting in shell script by using: Your email address will not be published. We are thankful for your never ending support.

25 Linux Shell Scripting interview Questions and Answers

We will be coming up with another interesting and knowledgeable Interview questions, in the next article. Running the script without entering two numbers as command line argument, you will get the following output. So, how to get the length count?

Apr 28 In bash scripting, write a script for the following requirements. Type your answer into the box. Got something to say? Write a small shell script that adds an extension “. Jun 03 Thanks for bringing this to notice! Which Block contains the inode for every file of the file system along with all the file attributes except its name?

This article is a gem. If the exit status is other than 0, then we can say command is not executed successfully. If this activity does not load, try refreshing your browser.

Let us know how well this helped for your interview: July 23, at 4: What it should be: All comments are subject to moderation. In order to save the output to file, we need to use redirect operator which will redirects the output to a file. When we give a name to a block of code, we can then call that name in our script, and that block will be executed.

December 7, at 6: The password should be least 8 characters long, should contain both alphabet and number, contain small cap and large cap letters. August 20, at 2: Deleting the orginal file makes the soft link inactive broken link but does not affect the hard link Hard link will still access a copy of the file.

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Tarun Thakur Mar 28th, Sed -n 2p filename. When Numbers are entered as command line argument you will get the result as shown. Once you are finished, click the button below.

How can we find the process name from its process id? Print the 10th line without using tail and head command. All Command-line arguments, separated with spaces.

20 UNIX Shell Scripting Interview Questionsand Answers!!! – Part I

May 01 You could be using another shell, you can let us know, above all thanks for your vital concerns and productive feedback. Please Turn OFF your ad blocker. March 8, at 7: Praveena Rao Oct 24th, This one is for pattern and not file: Write a command sequence to find all the files modified in less than 2 days and print the record count of each. Which sign gives the exit status of the last command that was executed? It looks like you are using an AD Blocker! How will you find the 99th line of a file using only tail and head command?