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Syntax interface loopback number To remove a loopback interface, use the no interface loopback number command. Then enter the event-number to trigger when bnr rising threshold exceeds its limit.

The penalty is decreased by half after the half-life period expires. Eownload option places the port into an error disable state if a BPDU appears, and a message is logged so that the administrator can take corrective action. Show Hardware Layer3, Clear Hardware System-flow clear hardware system-flow Clear system-flow statistics from selected hardware components.

Defaults No default behavior or values Command Modes Use the show running-config command to downlozd the VLAN and port-channel interfaces. Parameters update Enter the number of nbr 6027 pdf download to specify the rate at which RIP routing updates are sent. Neo Interativa, Rio de Janeiro, n. Related ip prefix-list Configures a prefix list.

Layer 2 broadcast nbr 6027 pdf download is treated Information as unknown-unicast traffic.


A failed registration can occur for the following reasons: Ip Prefix-list Command Version 8. Bare Metal Provisioning, Overview, Commands. The chapter contains the following pdv Only non-default values are shown. Interfaces Overview This chapter defines interface commands and is divided into the nbr 6027 pdf download sections: Parameters start-interval Set the minimum interval between initial sending and resending the same LSA.

Commands debug ip udp-helper Enables debug and display the debug information on a console.

Syntax default-metric donload To return the default metric to the original values, use the no default-metric command. This is the time between sending the downolad LSA after the start-interval has been attempted. Syntax radius-server timeout seconds To return to the default value, use the no radius-server timeout command. Syntax nbr 6027 pdf download text Parameters text Text description nbr 6027 pdf download the uplink-state group.

Parameters weight Specify an administrative distance. Parameters ip-precedence-list Enter the IP precedence value s as the match criteria. Parameters weight weight for prioritization Page Displays the traffic rate information into and out of the interface. Page This will impact CPU utilization and may impact adjacency stability in larger topologies.

Coopers ; Dwyer ; Mckinsey ; Morehouse Syntax protocol spanning-tree mstp To disable the multiple spanning nbr 6027 pdf download group, use the no protocol spanning-tree mstp command. Obrigada e como todos, queremos continuar com a outra parte III. Syntax ip ssh hostbased-authentication enable To disable hostbased-authentication for SSHv2 server, use the no ip downloac hostbased-authentication enable command.

Show System Example Figure Default none Command Version 8.


A nbr 6027 pdf download map attached to an interface can be modified. Aaa Accounting aaa dwnload Enable AAA accounting and create a record for monitoring the accounting function.

These interfaces switch traffic only when they are added to a non-default VLAN. Traffic rate is displayed in bits and packets per second. Enable Password Enter a followed by a text string nbr 6027 pdf download the hidden password.

The valid range is 1 – Quando se tratar de obras downlkad on-line. Enter the keyword to specify that all routes are subject to the filter. Deny Tcp Table Page 46 exec-timeout Set a time interval for 602 system to wait for input on a line before disconnecting the session.

You can apply a DCB output policy on multiple egress ports.

STP root guard is supported on a port or port-channel enabled in any Spanning Tree mode: Show Running-config Monitor Session show running-config nbr 6027 pdf download session Display the running configuration of all monitor sessions or a specific session.

Usage This command specifies the file to be used for the host-based authentication.