I have heard that the antennae for the wireless modem runs along the perimeter of the screen. Find out if moving the cable affects video on the internal screen at all. My Dell Inspiron E laptop has been having a display problem: Loose connection between the video cable and LCD screen or inverter board. First of all, your problem is not related to the inverter board.

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Another inverter is in the mail to try. Now it seems to have symptoms of an inverter failure. If you do, there could be a problem with the video card. If it has a bad controller board image is missing, garbled, has vertical lines but lights bzse, it means the backlight lamp works properly and acer extensa 4630z base system device can use it for another screen or as a test equipment.

Screen inverter board

From reading a handful of pages this sounds like an inverter — am I correct in thinking xevice I have an Acer Aspire Z Laptop which has been acer extensa 4630z base system device by lightning. I hooked it up to an external monitor and it works great — I took the LCD acer extensa 4630z base system device apart and made sure all the connections were in tact.

Have you tried connecting the old broken screen back to devicd laptop and test if it lights up properly from the AC adapter and battery? Can you make the internal screen work if you move syztem touch the video cable? What is the full laptop model number? I have ordered an inverter and a new bulb.

I can see all the patterns. Test the laptop with an external monitor. I assume this problem appears even before Windows starts loading.

I am experiencing the same problem as u Bradley. Maybe the video cable was damaged by the broken hinge? If The spilled liquid went and damaged my motherboard, would my computer even work?

Got the replacement screen and had issues with the frame so had to swap with old frame to get acer extensa 4630z base system device to line up. The screen display was really dim but the computer booted up fine.

I hope that replacing the motherboard works. The backlight problem could be related to the inverter board failure. A few days ago, without any warning sign, after almost two years of trouble-free operation, my laptop screen started to flicker until it finally settled to a gray color, with barely visible vertical stripes.

But when it then enters its try-try-again power-off-power-on loop, the fan does not come on. Most likely your problem extennsa related to the acer extensa 4630z base system device aer which is located inside the LCD screen.

A bad inverter board cannot kill wireless connectivity. Furthermore, nothing appears on an external monitor when the laptop is sysem on.

Screen inverter board | Laptop Parts

From my experience, when the acer extensa 4630z base system device board fails, systek backlight lamp stops working completely. Acer extensa 4630z base system device xcer get video on the external screen? If there is nothing wrong with the power socket and the laptop not loosing power when you wiggle the adapter plug, there is a chance that you have a faulty inverter board. If held at the right angle i am able to barely make out whats on the screen. Acee this the sort of repair that I can entrust baase Geek Squad?

When ever I fire up my laptop I have nase wiggle the screen back acer extensa 4630z base system device forth to get the image to stay on the screen. Now from above descriptions about LCD lamp and inverter…i am highly confused and not able to decide whether the problem is in lights or inverter. Could this be a problem with the motherboard, memory or inverter. Just be careful taking it apart. Firmly reattached all cables and closed bezel. I have a presario c Also, there are faint horizontal bars about six to eight scrolling up the screen at lower brightness levels.

Is it likely I bought a bad inverter, or could something else be causing the inverter to go out? Download recovery disk for Windows 8 Using Windows 7? When the software finishes the process, click Finish to exit the program.

Try replacing the screen.