Feed rollers x 4 Clean lightly taking care not to roughen the surface of the rollers. So this has been kind of a bummer. Cline – August 21, Reply. BillaKat – October 25, Reply. See this page , although this person got it to work. LouieC – August 10, Reply. Scansnap S was working before upgrade, but not after.

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Page 11 User’s Manual of the scanner application you are using. Having read the comments below I have reinstalled the software using Win 7 compatibility mode, no success. Richard – December 9, Reply. Steve 5110eox December 5, Reply. John – December 1, Reply. Ever since upgrading to WIN 10 when acansnap larger documents more fujitsu scansnap fi – 5110eox 10 pages the computer shuts down and automatically reboots in the middle of the scanning job.

I have tried the permissions thing.

I have a ScanSnap ix connected hard 5110eoc and wifi to a Lenovo Yoga. The tweak I used for a delayed autostart did work for me. I uninstalled, then reboot the machine as directed by the uninstall wizard. The light continues to flash on and off. Automatically recognizes 1510eox size. Same issue on a on windows Pity that hardware still working flawlessly. Here is the file path I had to choose to get scansnap working on my s C: See this page for instructions and this page for software. Finally fixed in 30 seconds after seeing your post, thanks for the help.

After fujitsu scansnap fi – 5110eox the [Ignore] button, this message will disappear and scanning will continue. User privileges were limited. fujitsu scansnap fi – 5110eox

FUJITSU Document Scanner ScanSnap iX500

I have a SnapScan Si — cannot get it to work with windows I have scanneddocuments on Win fujitsu scansnap fi – 5110eox. This was not the 55110eox. So I uninstalled, then installed the latest version V6. I am not a computer novice. To those of you 5110eod experience a problem similar to mine, I solved it with the help of Fujitsu support, who was very good I have to say.

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If I 5110dox out that Fujitsu is doing this on purpose as planned obsolescence I will never buy another Fujitsu. I have been using the Si for some time on W-7 with no problems whatsoever.


Candice – November 13, Reply. Peter – May 9, Reply. This is shameful for as much as they charge for a scanner. It detects a multi feed by differences in document thickness when two or more document sheets are fed overlapping. 5110eox am happy to help anyone who might benefit from me checking on my fujitsu scansnap fi – 5110eox, etc.

Patrick – September 21, Reply.

ScanSnap Software Downloads : Fujitsu Global

Ron – April 12, Reply. I have full user privileges.

Once in your Microsoft Account Test again. Select one from the already existing profiles. Is there a setting in Windows or Scansnap to fix this?

When I plug the scanner in, it shows up in Devices, but no driver installed! Disconnect the power plug from the power outlet when the scanner is not used for a long period of time. Paul – February 25, Reply.

ScanSnap Software Downloads

You’ll also receive paperless tips every two weeks via the very popular Paper Cuts. Automatic corrections and image output Supports Wi-Fi: Mark Hawkins – October 29, Reply.

Jason – September 16, Reply.

The window also opens by pushing the [F1] key.